Susan's Courtside Cafe was established in 2003 by Susan Ramirez with a dream and desire to start her own small business. She found a little worn down 1940's house for sale next to the historic Kissimmee Courthouse and transitioned it into a small coffee house. With minor modifications, the original wood work and windows are still holding strong in the house today.  

Susan grew up in Bensenville, Illinois where she became the manager of Plenty-Wood Farms. Plenty-Wood was a luxurious restaurant with five large dining rooms and gourmet food. During this time in her life, she learned how to manage a business while providing excellent customer service. 
Susan later moved to Kissimmee, Florida with her parents. She soon started catering events for Hilton. During that time Susan learned how to provide expert catering service to customers and later incorporated that strategic planning into her own small business. 

Susan still provides excellent customer service and truly cares about the people of her community. She is a part of several community associations and spends her free time with her 5 children, 15 grand-children and 3 great grand-children. She also works with the elderly and provides generous donations of food, coffee, and services to the local churches.