Freshly Roasted Coffee 
  1. House Blend
    Our House Blend is a rich, mellow coffee. You are guaranteed to enjoy its smooth taste and pleasant aroma. This blend is perfect for starting the day or picking it up. Order From Amazon:
  2. Kenya AA
    This is one of the most distinctive tasting African coffees available. Kenya AA coffees are highly regarded for their sparkling acidity, solid body and clean bright finish.
  3. Brazil
    Brazil coffees are grown in lower grass lands. The coffee has a smooth pleasant taste that finishes clean with no lingering aftertaste.
  4. Sumatra Mandheling
    This is a very fine full-bodied coffee from Sumatra. It is extremely rich in flavor and smooth on the palate. This coffee is an excellent brew for those who like cream or milk with their coffee.
  5. Columbian Supreme
    Columbian Supreme is a mild body coffee with a bit of zip and lively after taste. This coffee is great after dinner essentially to compliment a fine meal.
  6. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffee is shade grown in the Ethiopian high lands on ancient volcanic soil. In the coffee you will find a light lemony tart taste with a fine mellow body and an excellent after taste.
  1. Indian Monsoon Malabar
    Monsoon Malabar coffee is processed during India's rainy season. The high humidity has a profound mellowing effect on the green beans. When roasted the result is a fully bodied brew with an earthy taste.
  2. Costa Rican Tarrazu
    The Tarrazu coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil. It produces a clean balanced coffee with bright citrus notes and a crisp finish.
  3. Jamaica Blue Mountain
    Jamaica is a smooth and well -balanced with an excellent full body taste with a slightly sweet flavor.
  4. House Espresso
    Our house espresso is a well-balanced robust flavor featuring three different regions. The thick crèma and rich aroma will leave your palate desiring more.